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About Sheldon Oil


Since 1983, Sheldon Oil Co. has been a

true family business dedicated to serving Tillamook and its surrounding areas. Originally founded by Stan and Ruth Sheldon, Sheldon Oil Co. is now owned by their two sons, Mike and Shell Sheldon, who purchased the company in 2001. Sheldon Oil Co. is a genuine family establishment that the Sheldons take great pride in. Mike and Shell, along with their wives, Niki and Lisa, all play a critical role in the company, which also includes Mike and Niki’s four daughters, and Shell and Lisa’s son.

The Sheldons have a

lengthy history in the oil business. Pictured above is Homer Sheldon Sr. (in coveralls) at our first service station in Garibaldi, Oregon, which was opened in the 1930s. Mike and Shell grew up working at this station, which was operated by their parents from the early 60’s up until Sheldon Oil was created in 1983. Mike and Niki also owned and operated the Garibaldi station from 1984-2000.

This legacy in the petroleum business has set Sheldon Oil Co. apart from its competition, providing years of insight and a strong understanding of their customer’s needs. Above all else, Sheldon Oil Co. is committed to serving its customers, providing the finest solutions to their fuel and lubricant needs with the best possible value. Truly a company that can be counted on, Sheldon Oil Co. provides Tillamook County with fuel during times of emergency. By generating power at its bulk plant and also at strategic stations throughout the county, Sheldon Oil Co. has served its customers when others were not able.

Additionally, Sheldon Oil Co. offers delivered fuel to Tillamook, Lincoln, Washington, Yamhill, and Polk counties. For more information, please contact Sheldon Oil Co: Contact Us